Safety and security inside kerala backwaters houseboat

Houseboat Safety

A quiet and peaceful cruise through the scenic backwaters over houseboats will always be another experience. Even if it’s packed with fun and joy making sure that safety is your first concern. Ensure your security by following these kerala houseboat safety tips. Boat house trips are, of course, meant to have some pleasure time with your friends and family, but as your prime consideration, they still keep safety.

Personal safety, making sure that you are free from physical or emotional harm and security as well to be free from the fear that something can harm you, both are to be taken into consideration whenever you move around. While dealing with water bodies make sure that you will be completely safe and secure.

The Kerala houseboats are completely safe for families, couples and even solo travelers. There will be alleppey boat house crew available all the time inside the houseboats for the guests for any help. Guests can enjoy complete privacy and security during their stay. The alleppey houseboats also carry safety equipment such as life-jackets, fire-extinguishers, etc as safety tips in emergencies.

As per rules, someone indulging in houseboat related activities must follow the Kerala Inland Vessel Rules 2010. In 2018, new guidelines were issued by the government officials with a concern to assure safe houseboat journey:

  1. Ensure rail heights are increased at the lobby and the rear ends as specified.
  2. Inside houseboats, the safety tips(instructions) shall be shown in multiple languages.
  3. Passengers must be told about the dos and not while on a boat.
  4. Make sure that the travellers are wearing life jackets once they are over the lobby area.
  5. Guidelines on taking selfies over the houseboat must be given to the travellers.
  6. Always inform the district special branch office if a boat house moves with only women tourists.
    Contact No. of Alleppey district special branch office: 0477 2339435

fire extinguisher

While house boating in alley houseboat safety tips are very much considered to ensure safety along backwaters. Almost every houseboat is equipped with necessary life-saving types of equipment like life jackets, lifebuoys, emergency alarms, fire extinguishers, and first aid equipment. The GPS will be on all the time so that your location can be tracked easily in case of emergencies.

The tourism helpline numbers 0477 2339435 and 9497910100 will be displayed over the boat and also complaint registers will be available.

SOS Alarm

The main highlight about these boat houses is they are equipped with an SOS alarm button to be used in case of any emergency, on pressing the alarm the nearby police station will get informed and they will be available at your help within 15 minutes. Avoid misuse of this alarm or else you will have to pay penalty.

The National Disaster Management Authority has recognized some of the do’s and don’ts every passenger must follow while in a boat as safety tips:

Do’s include:

  • Always listen to the boat crew 
  • Make sure that you follow the rules 
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the boat 

Don’ts include: 

  • Avoid rush inside the boat 
  • Don’t indulge in fights over the board 
  • Never disturb the crew while they are working 
  • If it’s a small boat try not to move around
  • Always remember to stay within the designated zone

In addition to the above please do consider the following points to ensure safety inside houseboats:

  • Always make sure that you wear a life jacket once you are on the boat house deck.
  • The houseboat crew has to take special consideration in confirming the life jackets or lifebuoys are operational and sufficient for the travellers. 
  • While moving around the boat, the travellers have to be very careful to keep a hand over the boat house to avoid being thrown overboard.
  • Emergency equipment must be placed conveniently for use by the passengers.

To make your cruise a safe and secure one there will be trained natives who will assist you as crew. The captain, cook, and the helper form the three crew members of the alleppey houseboat. All three will be trust-worthy and very helpful. They will be the ones who will give guidance throughout your journey. And always follow the houseboat safety tips. Make sure that you return happily after the journey.

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