Cancellation Policy

All cancellations should be intimated through email and refund policy will be effective from the date of receipt of this email. All refunds will be processed within two weeks on receipt of E-mail.

Refunds will be made by cheque for cash payments, cheque or bank transfer. Online refunds for bookings made via our website will take up to 45 working /business days. Credit/Debit card online refunds will only be made against Credit/Debit card bookings and usually take up to 45 working/ business days. Credit/Debit card/PayPal cancellations will be charged 5% – 13% extra.

Cancellation Charges:
1. 90% refund for cancellation 15 days prior to travel
2. 50% refund for cancellation 7 days prior to travel
3. No refund for cancellation 0-6 Days prior to travel

  • Special Case 1 (Strike): In case of any labour strike or owner strike and the operators are unable to process the booking on the date, the booking can be rescheduled to any other available date or the entire refund of the amount paid by the customer will be provided.
  • Special Case 2 (Natural Calamities): In case of natural calamities, bookings can be rescheduled to any other convenient date according to availability. Peak dates price difference will be applicable. Refunds will be provided to cancellations only for cases of natural calamity. The refund will be up to 90% of the paid advance amount. Cancellations have to be intimated through email a minimum of 3 days prior to check-in date. Refunds will be processed within 45 working/business days.
  • Special Case 3 (CORONA/CoVID -19 Positive): In case You or any of the member(s) in your travel group is tested as CoVID positive, the bookings can be rescheduled or cancelled, for this, the test result of CoVID positive certificate/document and Government Issued Valid ID Card Copy [Any] of the same person needs to be shared with us as proof. The reschedules can be done to any other convenient date according to availability. Peak dates price difference will be applicable. The advance amount you have paid can be deducted from the new booking amount. The Refunds can be initiated only after deducting 10% Cancellation Charges from the advance amount you have paid, we cannot process the reschedule / refund without any proof/ supporting documents otherwise it will come under normal cancellation/ reschedule policy. The Reschedule/ Cancellations have to be intimated through email as soon as possible. Refunds will be processed within 45 working days. No refund/Reschedule can be given if the request raises 3 Day prior to the trip date
  • Special Case 4 (Un Availability of Houseboat Due to Manual/ Technical Issues): If there is a situation like we can’t give houseboats, we will arrange another same category or similar type houseboat in normal days except peak holiday like Pooja Holiday [Navaratri], Diwali and Christmas & Newyear.
    If we can’t arrange any houseboats due to unavailability of houseboats in peak holidays, we will only refund your maximum advance payment and also we will not take any liabilities other than advance.

Amend your Reservation:
If you choose to amend the dates, inform us at least 10 days before the check-in. There are no amendments are possible between 0-6 days before check in. if you are booked day cruise houseboat then amendment of the number of people is depending upon the cruise capacity of the boat.  For a day cruise number of the person can be increased up to the total maximum cruise capacity of the boat by adding extra charges. But changing houseboat may increase the price and it depending upon availability and date varies.
Amendments depend on the rate and houseboat availability. If the same houseboat or rate is not available, amendments are not possible. In this case, we recommend you make a new booking and then cancel the original one.

There will be No Amendment or Reschedules for the bookings once Rescheduled [The full advance amount will be considered as Cancelation fees (No Refund)]

No Cancellation refunds or Amendment for the bookings – Navaratri Days [Pooja Holidays] Bookings, Diwali Days Bookings & 20th December to 10th January Bookings

Cancellation Process:
Revert us through the same confirmation email thread which includes your Booking Name, Booking confirmation number and Date of travel.