8 Bedroom

8 Bedroom Houseboat is also one of the huge houseboats available in alleppey houseboat. This 8 bedroom houseboat is very spacious that you can host parties and events. As the boat moves through the many canals and lakes one can experience the greenery and beauty on both sides of the alleppey backwaters. Each 8 bedroom Alleppey boat house has a private bedroom with an attached bathroom and dining area. In some Kerala boathouses upperdeck is available which gives you a mesmerising view of the beautiful alleppey backwaters it can be used for sightseeing and also sunbathing.

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Deluxe Houseboats

AC will be available only from 9 pm to 6 am. Deluxe Food menu. Standard facilities

  • 8 Bedroom Deluxe Houseboat with Upper Deck In Alleppey

    From: ₹45000
    Code: H216842
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  • 8 Bedroom Houseboat with Upperdeck

    8 Bedroom Deluxe Houseboat with Upperdeck

    From: ₹45000
    Code: H12540
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Premium Houseboats

In a Premium category houseboat A/c will be operated in the bedrooms whenever requested by the client during their stay onboard. Meals plan will be "premium menu".

  • 8 Bedroom Houseboat with Upperdeck

    8 Bedroom Premium Houseboat with Upperdeck

    From: ₹56000
    Code: H12524
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Luxury Houseboats

The Luxury Houseboats offers high class facilities like front living area and bedrooms with traditional wooden ceiling with overlapping woods to give a touch of tradition. With complete glass windows stretching across the wall. It even consists of a Conference Hall which makes the best choice for office trips, family and friends get-together.

  • 8 Bedroom Luxury Houseboat with Upperdeck

    8 Bedroom Luxury Houseboat with Upper Deck

    From: ₹70000
    Code: H5353
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8 Bedroom houseboat alleppey price list

Houseboat Package Type Starting price View
Deluxe Houseboats 61,000 8 bedroom deluxe houseboats
Premium Houseboats 70,400 8 bedroom premium houseboats
Luxury Houseboats 98,800 8 bedroom luxury houseboats
Note: The price mentioned is just the starting price. Based on the quality / category / facility / services / route the price will be change. For exact prices select any houseboat and pick date from calender.