4 Bedroom

4 Bedroom Houseboat stays in Alleppey is primarily for families and small groups. While you travelling to Kerala, Staying one night in Alleppey Backwaters may probably in your bucket list. Booking a boathouse in Alappuzha is difficult since most trusted and genuine houseboat operators have no online presence. Only major operators have a good online presence with good Kerala boathouse collection. Alleppey is one among the Top 10 Kerala Backwaters. You can book Alleppey houseboat online through our website. Houseboat club provides 4 BHK AC deluxe houseboat in Alleppey, 4 bedroom premium & Luxury segment houseboats along with budget categories. The bedrooms are usually selected as per the number of people. Extra bed is also provided in each houseboat on all categories. For getting the best houseboat in Kerala with special rates, please visit Alappuzha Houseboat Booking and send your enquiry.

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Deluxe Houseboats

AC will be available only from 9 pm to 6 am. Deluxe Food menu. Standard facilities

  • 4 Bedroom deluxe houseboat with upperdeck

    4 Bedroom Deluxe Houseboat with Upperdeck (Code-H12433)

    From: ₹24000
    Book onlineCode: H12433
  • 4 Bedroom Deluxe Upperdeck Houseboat (Code-H21496)

    From: ₹20000
    Book onlineCode: H21496
  • 4 Bedroom Super Delux Houseboat with Upper Deck (Code-H206729)

    From: ₹23000
    Book onlineCode: H206729
  • 4 Bedroom Super Deluxe Houseboat with Upper Deck & Sun desk area (Code-H206852)

    From: ₹24000
    Book onlineCode: H206852
  • 4 Bedroom Deluxe Houseboat With Upper Deck in Alleppey (Code-H206859)

    From: ₹22000
    Book onlineCode: H206859

Premium Houseboats

In a Premium category houseboat A/c will be operated in the bedrooms whenever requested by the client during their stay onboard. Meals plan will be "premium menu".

  • 4 Bedroom Premium Houseboat With Upper Deck in Alleppey (Code-H206802)

    From: ₹28000
    Book onlineCode: H206802
  • 4 Bedroom Premium Class Houseboat with Upper Deck in Alleppey (Code-H206837)

    From: ₹28000
    Book onlineCode: H206837

Luxury Houseboats

The Luxury Houseboats offers high class facilities like front living area and bedrooms with traditional wooden ceiling with overlapping woods to give a touch of tradition. With complete glass windows stretching across the wall. It even consists of a Conference Hall which makes the best choice for office trips, family and friends get-together.

  • 4 Bedroom houseboat

    Four Bedroom Super Luxury Houseboat (Code-H6469)

    From: ₹60000
    Book onlineCode: H6469