Fantastic experience in shared houseboat

We were a family of 5 travelling to Kerala and houseboat was the excitement point for all of us as the same was going to be a maiden time and I must say that they did not disappoint us.
There are as many as 2500 houseboats in 700 KM backwater area. We were on Pamba River backwaters. houseboat comes in all types from 1 bedroom to 12. Luxury category are different for different types of houseboat.We were given a 4 bedroom shared houseboat with a caption and a caretaker.
Reasonably plush room ambiance, dining table, TV and audio unit and deck sitting… wow! Everything was awesome. Kitchen was very clean and food was extra ordinarily delicious. Despite being all of us vegetarians, the dishes made by our cook were extremely tasty.
We started at 1:00 PM from their start point and houseboat roamed through lush green paddy fields around, clear water and coconut trees. This experience was delightful. Since there are no roads connecting the adjoining villages, the Government runs passenger boats for locals. You see students are taken to school in small boats, fishes being sold in a such small boats too.
You can enjoy Kerala Local Flavor truly. Amazing! The boat was halted at 6:00 PM at a place where two other boats were also parked. Please carry Odomos cream as insects and mosquitoes take toll of the boat once it is dark.  Overall a great and lifetime experience. Recommended to everyone travelling Kerala – Sunil